Dell PowerEdge R815 - 4x Opteron 6276 - 64 Kerne - Rails - 4x GbE - IDRAC Ent.

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1x Dell Poweredge R815 - 4x AMD Opteron 6276 16 Cores w/2,3GHz Base, 3,2 GHz - Totaling 64 Cores in 2U - 16MB L2 Cache, 16MB L3 Cache

6x 2.5" SFF SAS Bay 1x 2HE Railkit 1x Dell 1100W PSU (Redundancy with second PSU possible)

Server offers 4 Sockets already populated with Opteron 6276, totaling to 32 DDR3 ECC RDIMM DIMM Slots, ea supporting a maximum of 32GB at 12800R. If all 32 DIMM Slots are populated you can achieve 1024GB of Memory in just 2U.

Combined with the extremly low DDR3 RDIMM Memory Prices ATM, thats a real Bang for your Buck! Just install some Memory and you are good to go!

PCIe Slots:
Riser 1: 1x PCIe 2.0 x8 FP (mech x16) + 1x PCIe x4 LP-Card w/o FP-Bracket (mech x16)
Riser 2: 2x PCIe 2.0 x8 FP (1x mech x16, 1x mech x8)
Systemboard: 2x PCIe 2.0 x8 LP
6x SAS 2.5" SFF Hot-Swap Drivebays, 4x Broadcom GbE 1x Dell IDRAC6 Enterprise (IPMI)
4x USB A 2.0, 1x Dell PERC H200 RAID Controller

w/o RAM, Disks, Caddies or Add-In Cards! - Ohne RAM, Festplatten, Festplattenmontagerahmen oder andere Zusatzkarten


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